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A Bit About Us

Initiated by Sébastien Aka Kouakou, then Gratuate Teaching Assistant, Researcher and PhD student at Western University of Ontario, Canada, Global Lead Foundation is a non-for-profit organization founded by a group of young Africans concerned with promoting Education as a key driver of development in the Sub-Saharan Africa by instilling the values ​​of leadership, entrepreneurship and good citizenship in youths.

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Business Plan

GLF's mandate is to work with young people wherever they are and wherever they come from, in order to help build a better society in a world of justice and equitable opportunities for all.


Our mission is to inform, train and coach young people in their process of becoming great leaders of today and tomorrow, capable of impacting positively their communities and bringing positive changes to the society through their civic and community engagement.


Global Lead Foundation is an organization that works to motivate and to awake the genius in each young person, making him a key player in the positive transformation of society.


We believe that each human represents a centerpiece of a gigantic puzzle and that in each youth, there are potentialities and skills which, if well sharpened, could help to build a better world for everybody; therefore, we focus our actions on the education and the transformation of the youths, while creating equal opportunities for each young person to develop him/her-self.

Global Lead Foundation is driven by core values such as Collaboration, Humanity, Humility, Integrity, Justice and Responsibility.

  • Collaboration

  • Humanity

  • Humility

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Responsibility

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